ARTSTITUTION creates engaging educational content for the artists and administrators involved in building the arts. We explore the various career & entrepreneurial opportunities, best practices, and issues surrounding the building of arts organizations. We aim to be a source of inspiration and community-building for arts administrators both aspiring and current. Our current project is our first program, Entr'Acte, which explores the roles played by administrators and visionaries that make arts companies run behind the curtain through a series of mini-documentaries spotlighting individual organizations and the people who run them.

We saw a need to shine a spotlight on the hardworking, dedicated individuals who put their efforts into making the arts happen. Most current documentaries and "behind the scenes" features on the arts focus on the creatives: musicians, actors, painters, directors, etc. Artstitution focuses on the unsung heroes of the world of arts administration. We aim to provide educational and inspirational audio and visual documentaries for students and young professionals in the field to help establish our profession for future successes. 

Through our community-weaving and exchange of ideas, we hope to create a bright future for the building of the arts.

Artstitution creates engaging educational media content for the artists and administrators involved in building the arts.

We aim to weave a community of arts administrators and inspire current and future administrators to achieve excellence for the field.